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Optimization and Control Group

Optimization and Control Group: Analysis Team

"Enabling innovative, multi-disciplinary solutions to optimize and control the performance of large-scale complex energy systems"

The Analysis Team believes optimization and control are key to improved efficiency, resiliency and security of future interconnected energy systems, including buildings, power grids, transportation systems, gas networks, and more. The team performs basic research to develop fundamental theories and powerful algorithms, and is building the foundation for future innovative optimization and control solutions.

In addition, the team supports clients from the U.S. Department of Energy and industry, seeking to understand their respective needs for optimization and control research to achieve goals, and to help them develop the vision and agenda for future research. Analysis Team researchers possess diverse technical backgrounds in modeling, optimization, control, microeconomics, game, and learning, and currently are engaged in the following activities:

  • Exploring the use of advanced modeling languages such as Modelica to develop high-fidelity building system modeling
  • Obtaining accurate representation of interdependency between building systems and the power grid for building-to-grid research
  • Establishing transactive system theory to support Transactive Energy System research and building-to-grid integration
  • Developing efficient and fast algorithms to solve complex optimization problems, such as AC optimal power flow
  • Designing advanced optimization and control algorithms for diverse applications including residential/commercial buildings, energy storage, and microgrids
  • Exploiting new data-driven and learning techniques, including machine learning and reinforcement learning, to address the issue of uncertainties in optimization and control
  • Leading the development of the conceptual framework for large-scale hardware-in-the-loop co-simulation testbed and distributed control implementation.

Team Members

Osman Ahmed
Indrasis Chakraborty
Vikas Chandan
Stephen Elbert
Nick Fernandez
Jesse Holzer
Wanshi Hong
Lucy Huang
Sen Huang
Yangchao Lin
Yang Lu
Ke Ma
Ebony Mayhorn
Feng Pan
Nikitha Radhakrishnan
Thiagarajan Ramachandran

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Optimization and Control Group

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Jianming Lian, photo

Jianming Lian
Team Lead