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Henry Huang

Group Manager
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The power grid, buildings, transportation, and manufacturing systems are central to the nation's economy, quality of life, and progress. The Optimization and Control Group (OCG) provides theory and applications to enhance the reliability and efficiency of these systems, so as to maximize economic and societal benefits. The dynamic and vibrant OCG offers preeminent research capabilities and experts of diverse background delivering solutions to multiple sectors and clients that include the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Electricity (OE), Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), and Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) program. The group also works with other federal agencies and private industry.


Provide innovative multi-disciplinary solutions to control and optimize the performance of energy systems for best resilience, efficiency, and security.


We are an international leader in optimization and control of energy systems for best services towards societal and economic prosperity.

  • ARPA-E Grid Optimization Competition Will Award $4 Million to Winning Software Developers

    ARPA-E Grid Optimization Competition Will Award $4 Million to Winning Software Developers

    PNNL played a leading role in developing the first-ever Grid Optimization Competition for DOE. Competing teams worldwide are developing transformational ways to advance America's power grid of the future.

  • Karan Kalsi

    PNNL Engineer Wins Brodzinki Award for Early Career Achievement

    Karan Kalsi, a PNNL power systems research engineer, has received the Lab's 2018 Ronald L. Brodzinki Award for Early Career Exceptional Achievement. He received the honor for accomplishments in developing and applying control strategies for enhanced security, reliability and efficiency of large-scale complex infrastructure energy systems.

  • Getting More Out of Control All the Time

    Getting More Out of Control All the Time

    Control Day at PNNL, held on August 29, highlighted PNNL-developed control capabilities for large infrastructures, like the power grid, and other applications.

  • IEEE Recognizes Paper on Innovative Tool for Validating and Calibrating Power Plant Models

    Moving Megawatts Securely and Economically

    A tool developed by PNNL is streamlining complex model validation and parameter calibration for power plants.

  • Osman Ahmed

    PNNL's Osman Ahmed Helms International Technology Management Organization

    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Osman Ahmed has been elected president of the International Association for Management of Technology. The organization focuses on technology and innovation that create corporate wealth, both intellectual and capital. IAMOT promotes research on technology investment strategies that enhance the viability of business and industry and bring the benefits of technology to the public.

  • PNNL Developing Next-Generation Cyber Tools for the Power Grid

    PNNL Developing Next-Generation Cyber Tools for the Power Grid

    PNNL was recently selected by the Energy Department to lead six projects in support of early-stage cybersecurity research and development that will enhance critical U.S. energy infrastructure.

  • PNNL’s Clean Energy and Transactive Campus project

    VOLTTRON™ User Community Expands Overseas

    Researchers from the Korea Institute of Energy Research are collaborating with PNNL and using VOLTTRON™ to expand their energy management testbed in South Korea. The institute wants to create a community level energy management system using transactive control, similar to what PNNL is doing with the Clean Energy and Transactive Campus project.

  • Karan Kalsi

    Kalsi Selected for Caltech Appointment

    Karan Kalsi will serve as a Visiting Associate at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. The year-long appointment is expected to start September 1 and is the latest in a growing number of collaborative activities between PNNL and Caltech.

  • VOLTTRON Team Recognized by PNNL Director

    VOLTTRON™ Team Recognized by PNNL Director

    The 2017 Award for Exceptional Team Achievement in Science & Technology went to PNNL's VOLTTRON™ team. The VOLTTRON™ team is recognized for creating a software platform for distributed control and sensing and successfully transitioning this platform to multiple vendors to implement energy efficiency, diagnostics, and transactive energy methods.

  • Lab Fellows Named for Grid and Nuclear Research Leadership

    Lab Fellows Named for Grid and Nuclear Research Leadership

    PNNL recently added Zhenyu "Henry" Huang and Gregg Lumetta to the PNNL Laboratory Fellow ranks in well-deserved recognition of their career accomplishments. Huang is recognized for his scientific and engineering contributions to significantly advance power grid modeling and simulation. Lumetta is recognized for his pioneering research in nuclear waste chemistry.

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